I am a creative who lives to tell stories through visual media. Specializing mostly in the realm of TV and video, I’m also starting to branch out into the amazing world of still photography.

Starting as a camera operator at the tender age of 14, I now have more than a decade and a half of experience behind the camera as well as over a decade’s worth of experience as a video editor/designer. My passion is telling people’s stories – in as little as 30 seconds or as long as it takes as a multi-part documentary.

Over the years I’ve had the great privilege to work on many projects ranging from feature length documentaries and training films to television commercials; from live music albums and behind the scenes documentaries to corporate information and training videos, right through to brand sponsored content that lives on the web.

My dream is to tell stories that move people to action and inspire them to make their world a better place.  I have been honoured to work with Compassion Australia, Hope:Rwanda, Watoto Ministries, The Hillsong Foundation, & Samaritan’s Purse and look forward to continuing to create challenging content into the future.

So if you’d like your story told or need an amazing video for an up-coming seminar or conference, give me a call on 0413 588 762, or email me at info@imaginography.com.au – I’d love to hear from you.

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i am a multi-disciplinary creative specialising in creating video content for the screen and web. with over 16yrs experience as a camera operator, and more than a decade as a video editor i love collaborating with people to bring their stories to life.


to find out more or to get a quote email me at info@imaginography.com.au or call me on +61 413 588 762